Hello Loves,


Let me start by saying I love the Lord.  I love him because, despite knowing all of my secrets, he still loves me! I’m an educator by day and an Entrepreneur by night, weekend, and summer time. I love my family; they are my world.  I am a mother of two beautiful young adults.  I am a sister to many, a friend of few, and associate to others. My desires in life are to be truly happy, and to show all that I encounter that you can do all things through Christ. Because of this, failure is never failure, but simply a sign from God to slow down, and pay attention.

I decide to start this blog to encourage women to stay true, to hold on to hope, and wait for the RIGHT love. If you trust him, it will happen!!!  I have been married, and DIVORCED twice. Each time felt as if life had ended. Those two DEATH’S left me feeling broken, angry, and confused. So I made the decision to take a break from serious relationships.  I decided that I would be selfish, and if I dated, everything would be on my terms. I thought I had it all figured out, you know, how to avoid love altogether. But that’s when God showed up and showed out… No, I am not remarried, but I am happy and looking forward to see what the future holds.                                                                                             

I chose to do this blog, because I saw it as an opportunity to, not only share our journey, but to be a blessing to someone through love, laughter, insight, or useful information.

I am human.  I've experienced success and failure, laughter and tears, and love and heartbreak.  I've done some things right (in my opinion, lol), and I've definitely made lots of mistakes.  While I’m not perfect, I am perfectly made.  I know that this life is a gift, and each day is a blessing that can’t be taken for granted.

I once heard that your job is what you’re paid for, and your calling is what you’re made for.  That being said, my job is a high school educator and coach, and the reason for my existence is to impact the lives of others through sport specific athletic training, and personal fitness training.  I am a nationally certified sports performance specialist, and personal trainer with over 10 years of experience.  I have four beautiful children, a huge family that I love to death, and an amazing circle of friends that have helped me through some extremely tough times.  Throw this lil lady of mine in the mix, and I consider myself blessed, and favored.  I know, without a doubt, that God is moving in my life, and I’m excited about where he is taking me.