Saturday, August 30, 2014

#Giveaway time!!!

It's**** #GIVEAWAY**** time!!!! In order for love to enter your heart you must be open to it! This "Open Heart" bracelet will not tarnish, the winner picks color!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Educator Love!

Our quest to become educators is how are paths crossed! #sixgrade #seniors #blacklove #couples #marriage #engaged

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Love Is The Key

Love Is The Key

When society steals her identity and leaves her feeling everything other than beautiful,
When the past hurt, past pain, and past disappointments that are her reality chip away at her security, and her ability to trust,
When her God-given desire to love, and to nurture strip away her armor, leaving her naked, vulnerable, and unprotected,
When the harsh reality how uncivilized our civilization was founded leaves him feeling invisible,
When the echo of the word “no!”, and the boom from the doors being slammed in his face ring loud in his head, leaving him feeling frustrated, and irrelevant,
When his journey to be YOUR KING, YOUR BOAZ, YOUR PROTECTOR, drains him of every ounce of manhood that he could pull from deep within,

Fellas: Affirm that queen, provide for that queen, and protect that queen!!!!!!!!!!!
Sistas: Affirm that King, pay attention to that King, and recharge that King!!!!!!!!!! #blacklove #love #couples #marriage #engaged

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Make Time For Who Matters

There's nothing that disrupts the flow, and connection between lovers like a busy schedule.  You know, the early morning departures, the long grueling hours, and the late night arrivals back home...with only enough time to eat, shower, and steal a few hours of sleep before the routine begins again.  And the weekends, well more often than not, they are only an extension of a very long work
week, except for the few seconds you manage to squeeze in to steal a quick kiss, and a little flirting.  I mean, yea we make quick calls during the day to say hi, or send a cute text to let her know she's on our mind, but is that enough?  Well if you're anything like me, its definitely not enough! SO WHAT DO YOU DO????? What do you do when you're missing your baby, your lover, your best friend, and you have everything to give, except time?  Well I've been working 12-14 hour days for the last three weeks, and I know exactly what I'm gonna do...MAKE TIME! I refuse to let the monotony of punching the clock and paying bills disturb the groove that Tara and I have.  So I think that a "special evening" is long overdue.  Y'all know what I'm talking about...a night that requires candles, wine, jazz, and of course, ...#blacklove #love #marriage #engaged

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fashionably Delicious!

I love summer!  All the color, fun, and excitement it provides! There's something about being with the one you love during this season. Whether on a stroll through the park, holding hands along the beach, or taking in an outdoor concert, these outfits are perfect for the occasion! Keep it simple, but sexy, and the night is sure to be a pleasurable one!;) #blacklove #fashion #love #couples #marriage #engaged

Friday, August 15, 2014

Love Tip Friday!!!

Have you ever taken a road trip, and found the things you experienced along the way to be just as beautiful as your destination? Intimacy is no different! The next time you're intimate with your partner, enjoy the ride! Be playful, wrestle, whisper, nibble, tickle...just be sure to "buckle up"

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We're Two Fly

We’re Two Fly!!!!!!
It is an awesome feeling when you find someone who you connect with spiritually, mentally, and physically, but when that someone is able to challenge you, and push you, well that’s what we Louisianans call “Lagniappe”, or a little something extra! That being said, with Tara I believe I hit the jackpot!
So as we were planning our trip to Miami, Tara said, “don’t forget your outfit for the flight, something casual and comfortable.”  Well, being so heavily involved in athletics I thought, “oh that’s easy, sweats, athletic tee, and sneakers…DONE!”  I guess she read my mind, because she said, “and don’t’ think for a minute that you’re walking next to me in the airport with those sweats and a tee shirt on! LOL!  So, kinda frustrated, my response was, “then show me what comfy and casual looks like!”  Without batting an eye she says, “Ok, bring me a pair of your old jeans, get your red loafers, and run to Wal-Mart and grab a pack of white V –neck tees… Oh and by the way, I need to borrow your corral linen shirt.”  Viola! 
My point is, even when it comes to fashion, this chick pushes me to step outside of my own ideas, and comfort zone! And I have to admit, I kinda like it! Can you say, “We’re two Fly?” No pun intended.

So fellas don’t be afraid to let your girl dress you! After all, if she’s feelin the look, then it’s the right look!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back That Thang Up!

So Fredrick and I attended a birthday party at Brickhouse in Arlington Tx. We are not big on clubbing unless it involves swing dancing, which this place doesn’t on this particular night.  Nevertheless, the DJ had us feeling young again with his selection of ole school R&B, and hip hop from Houston to Louisiana, mixed with some West Coast and we had a partaaay! We were grooving, and the drinks were flowing for the majority of the patrons, which leads me to my point. LOL! 
Ladies what do you do when someone is trying to push up on your husband/man? Well, that was my exact situation that night. I mean I know the brother looks good and all, but don’t get beside yourself. We were standing along the wall and the lady grabs a chair and starts to back it up and twerk something all at the same time. For the elders that mean she was shaking her money maker like a salt shaker on Fredrick. Her dress was practically undone, and panties were showing. I politely moved him to the side and took this dance for him so when she turns around to see his face she was staring directly at me!!!! LOL! I think we all were shocked, I mean the nerve. I remember a time when this would have gone bad really quickly, but because I’m more mature, I wasn’t concerned about the woman at all!  She was extremely intoxicated, and so not his type, the situation was actually more funny than threatening. Now had she been a “BeyoncĂ©” type you know built like a “brick house” ,no pun intended, I would have kicked her in that very thing she was trying to back up! Her friends immediately came over to apologize for her actions. Do you think I handled the situation properly? What would you have done?

Friday, August 8, 2014

Love Tip Friday!


Have you taken time out to flirt with your mate via text! Lol, no I’m not talking about sexting, but just “flirt texting!”  You know "hey baby I love you!" or send a selfie telling the other person how "you are nothing without them." I know, I know you think it’s corny, but it let's your partner know you're thinking of them. It’s not always money or time, but the thought that counts. You know "flirt texting" "I wish you were here!" "I miss you! I can’t wait to see you!" or "About last night, did you enjoy it? I did!!!"

~Ebony Ardor

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Engagement!!!!

Fredrick purposed  to me 30,000 feet in air!!! We were on a flight to Miami, and I was totally surprised!!!!!! When the flight attendant first called me to the front of the plane  I didn't move; I just sat there thinking, "What????? Why????" LOL! Reluctantly I made my way to the front of the plane. When I got there the lady said, " we just wanted everyone to see your braid."  Standing there confused, and puzzled, I said, "Huh?"   As I stood there trying to process what was going on, Fredrick began singing Eric Benet and Tamia's "Spend my life with you ! I was in complete shock, my knees were knocking, tears were flowing, and  my stomach was filled with butterflies  from the excitement. Then Fredrick ran to the front of the plane!!!!!  I said "YES"!!!!!!!!