Friday, November 29, 2013

Home for the Holidays!

Being away from my family for the holidays is difficult, but I feel right at home with Fredrick's family.  My aunt once said to me, "when something is easy, it's right!" Now I understand what she meant. I connected with Fredrick's family without any effort. They accepted me with open arms. I know some women, myself included, may find it difficult to fit in with your significant other's family. Can you say, "awkward"! LOL.

 My advice to  women who have apprehensions about spending the holidays, or spending time in general, with your man's family is: pray first, go in with a smile on your face, think positive, and be yourself! Go in with the spirit of acceptance for his family and they will accept you in return! Also, keep in mind,  you are doing this to please your man, and when the people that are important to him are able to enjoy each other, it gives him peace. Basically you can't be SELFISH, but SELFLESS!
Family and Friends have always been the most important aspects of my existence. So it goes without saying that I love the holiday season!!!!!  Being in a relationship with someone from another state can be challenging when trying to decide where you will spend the holiday season.  This year Tara decided to travel to the big city of Bastrop, La. to spend Thanksgiving with me, and my family.  While I was geeked about her coming home with me, I felt a little selfish because I know that family is just as important to her.  The thing that helped me move past my feelings of selfishness was watching her interact with my family. It calmed my spirit, and made my heart smile to see her laughing and clowning with my entire family as if she had been in my family all of my life.  It may seem minor, but if you've ever been involved with someone who doesn't connect with those who are most important to you, you know that it requires extra energy to ensure that neither of your relationships suffer.  I'm extremely grateful that I've been blessed with a beautiful woman who loves and cherishes my family as much as I do hers. Whether we are in Ft. Worth, or Bastrop, La., we are home for the holidays.

 My advice for a woman would be to use this time with his family to really find out what type of heart the man has.  Carefully observe how he interacts the women in his family, this will speak to the type of spirit he has towards women.  Also pay attention to the men is his family, this will give you some insight into the influences that he's had growing up.  So for either party, the holiday season can serve as a great opportunity to see where your relationship is headed.