Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We're Two Fly

We’re Two Fly!!!!!!
It is an awesome feeling when you find someone who you connect with spiritually, mentally, and physically, but when that someone is able to challenge you, and push you, well that’s what we Louisianans call “Lagniappe”, or a little something extra! That being said, with Tara I believe I hit the jackpot!
So as we were planning our trip to Miami, Tara said, “don’t forget your outfit for the flight, something casual and comfortable.”  Well, being so heavily involved in athletics I thought, “oh that’s easy, sweats, athletic tee, and sneakers…DONE!”  I guess she read my mind, because she said, “and don’t’ think for a minute that you’re walking next to me in the airport with those sweats and a tee shirt on! LOL!  So, kinda frustrated, my response was, “then show me what comfy and casual looks like!”  Without batting an eye she says, “Ok, bring me a pair of your old jeans, get your red loafers, and run to Wal-Mart and grab a pack of white V –neck tees… Oh and by the way, I need to borrow your corral linen shirt.”  Viola! 
My point is, even when it comes to fashion, this chick pushes me to step outside of my own ideas, and comfort zone! And I have to admit, I kinda like it! Can you say, “We’re two Fly?” No pun intended.

So fellas don’t be afraid to let your girl dress you! After all, if she’s feelin the look, then it’s the right look!!!!