Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back That Thang Up!

So Fredrick and I attended a birthday party at Brickhouse in Arlington Tx. We are not big on clubbing unless it involves swing dancing, which this place doesn’t on this particular night.  Nevertheless, the DJ had us feeling young again with his selection of ole school R&B, and hip hop from Houston to Louisiana, mixed with some West Coast and we had a partaaay! We were grooving, and the drinks were flowing for the majority of the patrons, which leads me to my point. LOL! 
Ladies what do you do when someone is trying to push up on your husband/man? Well, that was my exact situation that night. I mean I know the brother looks good and all, but don’t get beside yourself. We were standing along the wall and the lady grabs a chair and starts to back it up and twerk something all at the same time. For the elders that mean she was shaking her money maker like a salt shaker on Fredrick. Her dress was practically undone, and panties were showing. I politely moved him to the side and took this dance for him so when she turns around to see his face she was staring directly at me!!!! LOL! I think we all were shocked, I mean the nerve. I remember a time when this would have gone bad really quickly, but because I’m more mature, I wasn’t concerned about the woman at all!  She was extremely intoxicated, and so not his type, the situation was actually more funny than threatening. Now had she been a “BeyoncĂ©” type you know built like a “brick house” ,no pun intended, I would have kicked her in that very thing she was trying to back up! Her friends immediately came over to apologize for her actions. Do you think I handled the situation properly? What would you have done?