Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's Not About Us!

This past weekend, life presented the opportunity for Fredrick's ex-wife and I to meet.  I was very apprehensive, because you know we women can be catty.  I have never spoken to her before... not so much as hi, so to be in her home  felt extremely awkward. My apprehensions were intensified as soon as we arrived.  She answered  the door wearing...well lets just say "dressed inappropriately", to put it mildly. I thought "hmm, interesting", Lol. But I still showed myself as friendly.   I had to remember that we were there for his daughter, and it was important to show her that we are all united in our love for her.  I love his daughter like she’s my own, so I immediately  presented myself as if I was meeting the significant other of my children's father.  I was nice, friendly, relaxed, and down to earth. I shared my opinions and made small talk to let her know, "it's ok, I’m not "that" woman.  I have always believed that it was my job, as a mother, to get along with the woman in my children's father's life... after all, if she's in his life, she's in their lives, and if she's a part of their lives, she is absolutely a part of mine. Showing myself friendly, and establishing a comfortable relationship has always been key. My children have never had any issues,or  complained about being mistreated. I will add: my kid's 2nd mom is great, and I appreciate all she does for my children! Needless to say, the trip to H-town was a pleasant one, and I hope that she and I can build a good relationship from here.  To top it off, "our" daughter had a blast having her parents together in the same city...And she's who mattered most!