Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Right One!

A very wise, and beautiful women once said to me, "when you find the right one, love is easy!" Man was she spot on!!!!! Loving this women is by far the easiest, and most enjoyable part of each and every one of my days. She continues to inspire, and push me way out of my comfort zone. She leads me while allowing me to lead! She gives me comfort, and peace when my mind, and spirit are frustrated and restless! She wraps her heart around my worries, my fears, my desires, and my dreams, until they intertwine so tightly with who she is that they become her own!  She has taught me how to relax, how to dance, and how to LMAO at me! So I say to her, "baby you are so right; when you find the right one, LOVE IS EASY!"